The Grub Hunter: Tapas and Wine in P.G.

The Grub Hunter: Tapas and Wine in P.G.

By Mike Hale

The full opening of Crema Espresso and Wine Bar brought good cheer to Pagrovians who really lack quality joints to sip and sup.

Caterer Tamie Aceves has launched her new gig in stages, beginning with the catering component run from the historic Victorian home on Lighthouse Avenue on the east end of town. She then opened the multi-roomed house for special events, then started serving espresso drinks and pastries in the morning.

Last week she launched the wine and tapas portion of her dream, providing guests with cozy comforts in multiple rooms and alcoves. It starts with a chef’s treat of deep-fried chickpeas and wine offerings from a tidy list of offerings from Spain and California (modestly priced at around $7-$10 a glass).

The tapas will change weekly, but look for chef Jon Moser to take creative license with Spanish favorites. Our visit saw marinated boquerones (anchovies), short rib empanadas, stuffed pequillo peppers and grilled winter squash ($6 per taste).