Crema’s Got Games

And beer. . .and wine!

Crema now has an assortment of games for check out.


Our growing assortment includes:

Jenga. Battleship. Sorry. Checkers. Chess. Uno. Taboo. Apples to Apples. Scrabble. Candy Land. Chutes & Ladders. Yahtzee. Backgammon.

Join us for Happy Hour Games

1-3 pm, 7 days per week.

$1.00 off Beer on Tap and all wines by the glass.

$5.00 off all bottles of wine.

Engage in some retro play time for:

A great date, family time, an afternoon with friends . . .

Spend some time with grandma or grandpa. . .

reward the kids with a special play date!

Games must be checked out in the Espresso Bar.

During busy restaurant times (generally Sat & Sun 10-12) we may not be able to accommodate game play in our dining rooms.

For guests only ordering drinks (not getting brunch or lunch) please purchase drinks in the Espresso Bar.


~Crema is Meet Up Friendly!~

Meet ups are sweeping the area and we are proud to be MEET UP FRIENDLY! From a whimsical, fun and bright semi-private room, to our amazing Espresso drinks, breakfast burritos, baked goods, lunch, weekend brunch, wine, beer on tap, Mimosas and Sangria, Crema is a great spot to laugh and play with your group.

Crema is open from 7am-4pm daily, we invite you to come in and check out the “Wine Room” to see it will work well for your group, you can then make a reservation for your next meet up! EASY SHMEEZY!


  • Before 11:30am your group may order at the Espresso Bar
  • Between 11:30am-3:30pm we have a server to help you, tableside.
  • Please reserve your space by sending us an email and letting us know the name of your meet up group


Sat & Sun
  • We have a beautifully appointed semi private room available for up to 12 guests
  • The room may be reserved free of charge for the following time periods:
    • 8 am – 10 am
    • 2 pm – 4 pm
  • Please reserve your space by sending us an email and letting us know the name of your meet up group


No outside food or drinks. Really. Seriously.


To make sure that our servers are able to give our meet-up groups and brunch and lunch guests the best experience on our busy weekends the following applies:

No separate checks.
Service Charge of 20% added to all checks.
No menu substitutions.


To best accommodate your group please note that any meet up over 5p on the weekends must be reserved in our specially designated room